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Written by Andreas Schaefer
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Welcome to the Ytre Hafrsfjord Båtforening

Ytre Hafrsfjord Båtforening (YHB) was established in 1967 and currently has 178 members, the port is accessible for a total of 147 berths where all the booths with buoys.

The mole was built as part of the construction of the marina and is entirely built and financed by YHBs members in the period 1967-1970. In 2010, the floating docks were upgraded.

Water and electricity are available for YHBs members.

YHB leases and operates the marina at Stavanger's commune property.

All operating and maintenance costs and improvement of harbor covered by YHB through member dues and extensive use of volunteer work.

YHB have private facilities with diesel fuel pump for members, Diesel prices are as of 16 March, 2019 for 11 NOK per liter.

YHB has its own boat slip for up 3,4 meter width and total weight of 8000 kg. Contact person for the use of slip is Port Manager Hans Jansen tel 48196708.

If vacant berths are not used by our regular members, they can be rented out by the Port Manager for winter or summer lie.